Compleet AECK blue Logo AECK is a sports brand and project. The champion's choice is the main slogan of AECK. Applying the easiest means to improve life is another slogan of AECK.

AECK stands for attention, exercise, curiosity and knowledge. These are the four main assets that AECK is made up of. AECK is a piece of art and science that is characterized by a lot of hidden treasures. AECK is designed to provide perceptions of discovery and change in order to boost Humanitarian support and development in developing countries, by masterminding a wide range of Potential interdisciplinary projects. Publication and film production are part of the most attractive projects that explain the essence of AECK. However, all the four assets of AECK are based on discipline. With maximum discipline, all the four assets of AECK can support every driven individual to reach their Full potential through their respective disciplines.